For everyone that has loved professional football over the last several decades the last two years have been a real heartache. The league has gone from a fun spectacle that the entire family can enjoy to yet another tired cliche infected with political correctness and politics. It is no longer an escape from our daily lives and we have to suffer through primadonna athletes lecturing us on how life is unfair. There is however a business model that the #NFL is ready to move on to and it is exemplified by professional wrestling. Hear me out on this.

First, you need to disassociate the teams from cities. Since there are few players loyal to their cities or teams anymore, this is less of a stretch than you might think. This allows each team to develop distinct personalities, some like the Raiders are already hated, send the Kaepernick supporters there, find a few other liberal owners that want to carry that torch. Call it the Pirate conference. On the other side you have the Cowboys and other owners that want a clean image, let’s call that the Patriot conference. All games are away games, fans can get attached to their favorite players or local boys no matter what team they play on. The teams go from city to city, playing opposite conference teams in games billed as good vs evil, much as pro wrestling does today. TODAY IN NFL MANIA WE HAVE THE BEARS (BOOOOOOO) TAKING ON THE PACKERS (YAYYYYYYYYY), LET’S GET READY TO RUUUMMMMMMBBBBLLLEEEE!!!!!!!!!! The refs can throw the games to make sure good usually triumphs over evil, pretty much like they do now. You play the game and people can go and root for the team of their choice. 

Roger Goodell this is your chance to really make a difference and turn the NFL into the side show that it is desperately trying to be. Nothing lasts forever, the NFL as it has been known has run its course. Personally I’m looking forward to a Lions vs Vikings cage match, sounds exciting doesn’t it?