I initially read your article claiming that white women were racist for not moving to the side for you on the sidewalk with some amusement and then forgot about it. Since then however, the ramifications have continued to trouble me, so I'd like to take a few minutes to explain the cause of this 'racist' behavior.

Most white women come from a culture that reveres women as worthy of special treatment. In what I'm sure you refer to as 'old white man culture' men open doors and let women pass through first. We walk on the outside of the sidewalk in case water is splashed off the street to shield the women. We will walk around the car and the woman will wait for us to open the car door. Women expect the man they are with to get them a drink, even pay for it. If the tire goes flat in the rain, we will change it. Women even come to expect men to move to the side on the sidewalk. Men of this culture will do all these things for a woman, all women in fact, regardless of race. Other than frothing at the mouth feminists, most white women expect this behavior from men. You may regard it as obsolete, but the demographic you're debasing does not.

I will not help you cure 'white women' or any woman from feeling they are worthy of special treatment and a degree of chauvinism. They are. It is part of my culture. I'm not sure how you, or your culture if you are typical, think women should be treated. As equals? Inferior beings? Perhaps you could write another article explaining this, I for one would be interested. Such information would be useful when discussing the rise in domestic assault and rape cases.