imageThe day after the Super Tuesday II election we have a new face to represent the GOP establishment. Marco Rubio was the old face, but after being blown out in Flordia he did the noble thing and dropped out. He had 168 delegates, but no chance of winning. Having no chance of winning doesn’t bother John Kasich however. He has 138 delegates and would need to win 112% of the remaining delegates to win.

The pride of the GOP establishments position is that he will stay in only for the chance to disregard the will of the voters, hope for an open convention where the establishment will thumb it’s nose at the majority of the party and pick him to be the nominee. How can such a person claim to be worthy of the presidency? His only chance is to rely on crony politics and he’s proud of it. He would no doubt be thrilled by a participants trophy on his mantle as well.

I will not support Kasich or any other crony that the GOP may deem worthy of its goal of mediocrity. The voters have been crystal clear on what they want from their nominee this year. Only Donald Trump and Ted Cruz meet that requirement and may the best man win. Kasich is not the best man and with his complicit and eager participation in crony business as usual politics is the worst man on the ballot in the remaining states. The choice is down to two men and a worm.