I’ve heard a lot of teeth gnashing over the White House attacking Fox News. Everything they are doing is obviously trying to marginalize Fox, which has been the only mass-market organization to not join the Obama band-wagon. I’ve read articles about how this is the end of free speech. I’ve heard still others that predict Fox’s future is bleak because it’s the President who is doing the talking and people will listen.

Personally I look at this as great news! For 10 months this administration and the Democratic party have completely ignored anyone that doesn’t agree with them with an arrogance I’ve never seen before. They’ve never stopped to answer the many legitimate questions people have about health care reform and cap & trade because they were sure they didn’t have to. That you, the people of the United States, were merely sheep looking to be led by them. (Make no mistake, Obama / Pelosi / Reid do not think you are capable or qualified to think or decide for yourself) Thanks to Fox News we know that there are questions that need to be asked. It’s up to us to make sure they get answered.

It’s time to re-double all efforts to bring the truth to forefront. It’s time to demand that bills be made available to the public at least 72 hours before a vote so the people can let their representatives know what they think about it. It’s time to ask the hard questions on how they will pay for it before passage. It’s time to demand that the president makes himself available to answer the questions put to him, rather than just publish the same campaign rhetoric that we’ve heard for 2 years running. The chafing from the Obama administration means that Fox has finally gotten their fingernails under the lid and that they realize that people are noticing the lack of answers coming from Washington. Unfortunately Obama’s reaction is to attack Fox News rather than to engage the opposition and answer any questions.

When you hear Obama and other deride Fox News, just remember some of the things that the ‘real’ news organizations would never have told you:

  • Acorn gives tax advice to illegal activities
  • Obama press secretary Anita Dunn’s favorite philosopher is Chairman Mao
  • That Obama appointed Van Jones to a green jobs position and that he is an admitted communist.
  • The seemingly endless stream of Obama appointees with tax problems. Including the one in charge of the IRS.
  • All the favors Chris Dodd has done for the financial institutions that fall under the committee he chairs, and the favors he received in return. (You or I would be in jail)
  • Barney Frank’s demand of favors to him from bailout companies.

…. and the list goes on. I’m interested in these things, even if Obama isn’t. Even if CNN, MSNBC and the others aren’t. Every one of these stories was dismissed and denied until Fox wouldn’t let them go and the truth came out.

Marginalized or not, Fox is the only news source with the integrity to report on stories like these. The other networks have equity in the Obama presidency, with their main reporters and commentators having openly endorsed him. (Chris Mathews, Fareed Zakaria to name a couple) You will NOT get reporting from these people, you will get cheerleading. Chris Mathews went as far as to say that he thought it was the medias duty to support Obama and his agenda. I repeat, you will NOT get reporting from these people.

In his best campaign rhetoric, Obama says that the case is clear, the evidence overwhelming for his agenda. If this is true he should have no fear to go anywhere, anytime to present his case, It up to us to demand that he does. It’s up to the media to investigate if he’s telling the truth. Which organization do you want to trust to do that?